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I’ve bought like, 20 books here in Germany and I dread the thought of having to figure out how to bring them to the US

sparky -

another big mood,,,

i went to ireland they had a "five books for 5 euros" sale and,,,,

suffice to say my suitcase was Very full when i got home

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Book stores are so fucking dangerous for me

sparky -

god this is such a huge wallet quavers with terror as soon as i enter a bookstore

a man: speaks

me: 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 🗡 >:(


that same man: mentions he's trans

me: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ :')

tpruurteh asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you were ever going to post dogs or pictures of dogs because if you plan on it. I'm not going to follow you since i'm scared of dogs and even seeing one makes me very scared. But you seem really interesting and I want to follow you. Sorry if this sounds mean or something... I'm just bad at talking to people.

hi, no, you don't sound mean at all! i'm sorry you feel this way :c

i may end up posting pictures of dogs, but i can tag them with the tag " #dog " and you can blacklist that tag? would that be okay?

finding someone who shares one of your relatively niche interests is a wonderful feeling ❤❤❤

why do i say i am a fool do often?

simple ........ i am the truthteller

my ultimate truth is...... Big Dumb

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(vibrates intensely) One Day Until Good Omens 

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cool ppl who are too nice to me

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@sparky @corky @theory @themythicalumbreon


ur all valid!!!!!! and ppl who are wayyuyyy to nice to me sfdf

sparky -

we are not being too nice to you we are showing you the love and affection that u deserve ok!!!!!! i will not permit this negative self-talk, even implied!!!

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do not be afraid, my love

you are not hated; you are adored

you are valid; you are good; you will be okay

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dsf8figudhf rhis means so much to me!! thank u somuch i appreciate it,,

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oh heck look at the time!!!! 

it's love baldisbasics o'clock babey!!!

baldisbasics -

nOooOOo!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaa its love sparky time!!!!

it might not actually be homophobic that i can't live off of cherries and mashed potatoes, but it definitely feels like it

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Boys. Good. That is all.

baldisbasics -

u right

greatkingrat -

Glad we can agree on this

sparky -

heckin superb u funky little mlms !!

how am i? tired, busy, and offensively homosexual

but that last is a given

message to wlw / nblw [esp. questioning]: 

hey!! if you aren't often attracted to traditionally feminine women / the typical heteropatriarchal model of a woman, that is okay. if you find yourself most attracted to gnc / butch / masculine-of-center / etc. women/nbs, that does not mean you're "straight in denial" or "lying" or "faking" or "secretly into men" or anything

it just means that you are often attracted to a specific kind of person and that is okay. ♥

aside from the fact that waterfall has great staff and is just generally not terrible, i also like it because i love the fact that i can just be the fool i truly am without being attacked or accused of trying to be a funnyman

i can post both tomfoolery and genuine thoughts and y'all are so sweet about it 

not even to mention the fact that i feel like im actually part of a lovely community here ♥♥♥♥

friendly reminder to anyone with disabilities / mental illnesses:

if you were once able to do something that your illness/s caused you to struggle with on a regular basis (e.g. showering, exercising, etc.) and now you can't do that as regularly/easily, it is okay. it does not mean your recovery was for naught; it does not mean you're relapsing or that you have to start from scratch; it doesn't mean that you're failing. 

do not feel bad for having "done this already". don't think it should always be easy from now on since you "mastered it before". 

illnesses change and the way their symptoms present and influence your life changes, too.

it is okay.

you will make up lost ground. you will recover. you will heal. you will keep moving forward. things will turn out okay. 

in the meantime, be gentle with yourself. ♥

"how are you?"

what she says: great, thanks! how are you?

what she means: i'm actually happy and feel like i can solve my problems and i have hope for the future and it's genuinely terrifying and i don't know how to fix it but i feel like by experiencing happiness i'm somehow guaranteeing that bad things are going to happen to me soon and i should be worrying in anticipation of the bad things because -

hello from the other sideeeeeeeeee / 

i must have called a thousand tiiiiiiiiiiiiimes / 

so sorry if that bothered you, i don't ever want to be a burden, oh, God, sorry, sorry / 

like i don't mean to be an obligation or anything, i feel bad, i know you've got a lot going on right now /

sorry this is really long and rambling uh just call me back when you can okay? /

yikes sorry, sorry!! love you have a good one call me back sorry!!!

just went on tumblr and saw a post which essentially said "men's rights!!!!!!111!" under the guise of being super woke 

y'all i can't even explain how bad of a take it was,,,,,

it said basically "feminism is bad actually" and "men experience more sexual assault than women!1!" (??????) and that someone was wrong for discussing how women are made to fear the smallest of things (walking at night, etc) due to constant *male violence

you are not woke !!!! you have looped back around to conservatism !!!!! wtf !!!!!!

(* obviously here i mean predominantly white & cishet men)

feminism is Bad is the COLDEST take ive seen lately

anyway the moral of the story is waterfall is much better ❤❤❤


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you know whats funny?
people talking about their brain like its some other entity

impossible-pie -

theres you (you)
and then theres your brain (arsehole)

novodemons -

when i narrate about myself mentally i say we

as in me and my brain together as we

corky -

angsty bitch & the disaster baby, that’s the name

who is noah fence and why does he have so many hot takes

had nightmares all night and feel them affecting my mood now

ugh i hate this feeling