kind, sober, and fully dressed

book person, dog person, gay person ♥ they/them or she/her ♥ i care about you ♥ my tag is #spark barks

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here's a little bit of information about my blog! all of this is subject to change. 

  • this is my main blog; i'm really just here to create a positive space for myself and my followers
  • i don't participate in discourse, i don't post or rb nsfw, i don't post or rb screaming/flashing content, etc.
  • i enjoy wtnv & other podcasts, theology, tv shows, nature, memes & jokes, etc.
  • i post a lot of gay stuff, book nerd stuff, podcast stuff, rambles about my life, etc.
  • this page presumes that there's a semblance of order to my blog, which i can assure the reader is entirely false
  • ily ♥