kind, sober, and fully dressed

book person, dog person, gay person ♥ they/them or she/her ♥ i care about you ♥ my tag is #spark barks

byf / dni
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stay away from me and my blog if:

  • you are transphobic (this includes terfs/radfems/transmeds/truscum/etc.)

  • you are a pedophile or support them

  • you are a trump supporter

  • you are racist, anti-semitic, ableist, islamaphobic, etc.

  • you are a cishet white guy trying to offer your Opinons

  • you are an anti-vaxxer or climate change denier

  • you are aphobic (and/or think ace, aro, or ace/aro ppl aren't inherently lgbtq)

  • you are generally an icky person

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