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ppl asking for consent in non-sexual situations pun intended...incredibly sexy

"do you mind if i grab your phone to look at it a little closer?"

"can i use this?"

"is it okay if i vent to you right now?"

ive decided that what's really important is soft blankets, good food, and gays

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good afternoon everyone what a wonderful time to cherish trans women

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G'day mates, what a wonderful day to cherish nonbinary people!

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me watching my mutuals talk about their interests ❤️💞💓💗💖💕💝❤️🧡

phrases that set off my fight-or-flight response

  • try harder
  • what do you want from me?
  • get over it
  • it's not that deep
  • you seriously don't know?
  • figure it out
  • deal with it
  • you have to do things you don't want to sometimes
  • what's the matter with you?
  • be happy
  • toughen up

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I want to give off charming idiot vibes. Like, I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm a nice person who's trying my best so you can't help but enjoy my presesnce. That's who I wanna be. No need to worry about people's expectations if they know that you don't understand things from the start. Hell yes.

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i too aspire to be winnie the pooh

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Waterfall changes the color of the reblog symbol permanently after you've reblogged a post at some point, and I think that's really neat.

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and the gender of the day is.......

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prais Me pleas, thoust Prince of dir t and things

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the ENemie...,,,..........,,,,,,,11!!!!

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You're not a true DnD player unless;

  • You play DnD

who is she..............

me, topless, gnawing on an apple and a hunk of cheese at midnight and watching sketch comedy on youtube instead of sleeping:


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i am always waiting impatiently for the day i become a wife

small nasty things people do to lesbians that you need to realize aren't ok

  • suggest there is some hypothetical man u could love
  • lavish you with praise upon the slightest feminization of ur presentation
  • make comments about your clothes or style like "girls shouldn't wear neckties tho right" or "idk i think it just looks weird" 
  • get offended when you talk about how men make you uncomfortable, how you don't like them, etc. 
  • get offended when you make jokes like "every man owes me $200"
  • say things like "you don't own that word!" w/r/t the word queer
  • act like they have the right to police when and where you call out homophobic remarks
  • saying they're a lesbian when they're not, making a mockery of acual lesbians' oppression
  • take the words butch & femme and try to apply them to straight people
  • suggest that there's something ugly or scary about lesbians
  • suggest that lesbians are gay bc they can't attract men
  • oversexualize or undersexualize lesbian love: reducing us to depraved sex maniacs or acting as if we are puppylike delicate things who never experience desire

there's more but the point here is that lesbians r uniquely mistreated in a lot of big ways and in a lot of small ones, some of which r listed here. im proud to be a lesbian and to my fellow lesbians: i love you. we deserve so much better. and if we don't get it naturally we will take it by force. we are gay and we are magnificent, and i wouldnt have it any other way.

i love the feeling of safety u get from being around other queer, finding ppl who you know at once respect gender feelings and will be full of gay yearning with u? priceless. magnificent. perfect.

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ViHart is a treasure to humanity

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Put your hands up if you get crushes on people too easily

hey you know something that's Good? when you hug a girl and then you separate but not fully, and your arms are still around her and your hands are resting gently on the softness of her hips and you can stare into her eyes and then you pull her waist to yours........

realizing that im nonbinary has been a very freeing experience and honestly im so grateful for the people who live their identities w such courage & grace

thank you to all the nb people who have shown me time & time again that i am allowed to exist and that my existence is beautiful

good morning everyone! what a perfect day to cherish trans men


what you i got it ...

no, seriously, i have it, please take it, no, no, please, seriously take it, i don't need it, i want you to have it, please take it, i'd do anything to make you happy, please -

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I Have Decided Everything Would Be Easier If It Weren’t For Captialism