kind, sober, and fully dressed

book person, dog person, gay person ♥ they/them or she/her ♥ i care about you ♥ my tag is #spark barks

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i am lord dumb of foolishness, warden of the idiots

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Arson is the only way to cure the 1% of the devastating disease of life

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this user is a fool

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certified home of sexual

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i rlly love the positivity and love on my splashboard its... so good and so pure and it makes me very happy

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me? loving every single on of you? it's more likely than you think

my favorite thing ever is telling my friends i love them

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I am a sad gay who currently has no one to smorch

y'all ever wanna submerge yourself in toothpaste or is it just me

my favorite thing ever is how queer ppl have reclaimed cowboys from the old white men and turned them into something awesome

yee to the hecking haw everybody: good work

how dare you assume i have a gender

my gender is gay

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waterfall is for gays only

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immunity waterfall doggo; reblog to protect ur blog from negative blogs & people!!!!

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  • rides a bike, not a horse, but still calls it their steed 
  • business casual instead of old western clothes 
  • not racist and also not heterosexual B)
  • wears a very large cowboy hat with their suits
  • starts off every interaction with "howdy"
  • ends all conversations with "yee-haw"
  • pictures of the western US on their wall 
  • little tumbleweeds on their nightstand 
  • has a raggedy cowdog they rescused from a shelter
  • loves lizards
  • has a bleached cow skull on their wall 
  • respects native americans
  • deeply gay

i am a medicore paper crane and god is a perfectionist origami nerd

had a dental cleaning and ready to fight the sun: a sparky story

the expression "he's a good egg" is totally valid and legitimate, but has unfortunately been entirely ruined by social media and specifically by tumblr because, like ,,,, he's a good egg is the height of tumblr comedy

do i know what i'm doing? of course not 

will that stop me? what do you think?

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due to personal reasons i will have the big gay

i would marry a girl sight unseen if she told me she was a pianist or violinist

dapper, straight-edge, bring-me-home-to-meet-your-parents, jar-opening, flowers-bringing clean-cut babey B)

due to personal reasons, i am the equivalent of an overweight labrador retriever wearing sunglasses

Scrabble’s mlep makes me so happy 🍃✨😚

Can you believe this good boy is 10 (TEN !!) years old ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

ppl with overly sensitive mouths, make some noise !!

my tongue is covered in canker sores atm because i dared to have some chocolate and salad w italian dressing