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the tv: shows commercials with half-naked women doing stuff

me, gay: 👀👀👀💗💗💗

tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 -

the tv: shows women in suits

me, gay: 👀👀👀👀👀💞💕💓💗💖

update on the Person™.... we've been texting and they said they want to be held by me 😭😭😭😭

help y'all im catching feelings

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An Anonymous user asked:

* offers you a crunchy Boog * 🐛🐛🐛🐛

badger -

an Tribute!!!!!!! to minest magnificencse?/ ? im approvest!!

*crumch monch cronch*

akumaspiders asked:

Balsam and coconut?

coconut: someone kissed me + asked me out!!! a WONDERFUL surprise but a very big one!!! i'm still shook lmao...they're really cute tho :'3c

balsam: a walk on a fall day, a stop at a bookstore or a wander through the woods, then a nice meal and relaxation w cozy blankets as there's wind + rain outside...a girl to cuddle with is optional but preferred ♥♥♥♥

thank you for the ask!!

went on a date todayyyy

with the person who kissed me yesterday

i think it went ok i am not sure because i am a homosexual and an idiot but like??? i think i did ok, yes

i do not like heterosexual pda

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i am very brave for a) existing b) doing what i can.

witchesflower asked:

linen and bonfire :3c

linen: i have a lot of stuff like this that goes beyond just 'quirks' bc i have OCD...however!! one thing that people definitely dont seem to understand is that i CANNOT tolerate true crime documentaries. like, the sound of a program such as 20/20 or frontline or something??? if someone around me is watching it i HAVE to leave or listen to something else because it'll send me into a panic attack. i have no idea why but it's. it's definitely a thing oof

bonfire: YES!! incredibly so...i am constantly down to cuddle and actually i just cuddled w someone for like. over an hour. and im still wanting more ldjfgldfkjg

im very cuddy and touch-starved :'3c

thank you so much for the ask! ♥♥

semi-entropy asked:

peppermint and citrus for the ask meme!

peppermint: unfortunately yes!! im a big sucker for sweets....not all types tho. i don't like a lot of candy and etc. because my mouth is incredibly sensitive and i get canker sores easily. but like, baked goods and stuff? sign me UP

citrus: yes!! every day i wear a silver claddagh ring i got in galway and a watch based upon the biblical story of the tower of babel, from the unemployed philosopher's guild :3c

those are things i definitely wear every day, but generally i also wear a bow tie and a sweater or sweater vest, particularly now that it's fall

tysm for the ask!!! ♥♥♥

ladies and gentlefolk......your boy got KISSED today........

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hey guys its pronoun day

lovecubus -

reblog this post and add your pronouns

mine are they/them

princeofdoom -

he/him, they/them and The Cat

greatkingrat -


sparky -

they/them or she/her!

the rain....the THRIVING!!!

corky-deactivated-2020MayWed-200513010536-3133 asked:

lavender n teatree? :^)

lavender: soft blankets and something casual and familiar to watch! snl skits on youtube, the office, seinfeld, etc. - anything that feels comforting. that plus a few comfort items and i start to feel better. 💕

tea tree: i always remember my dreams! last night i dreamt that my current love interest thought we were in a relationship & was wondering if i would be comfortable with them changing their shoes in front of me. i was like... "???? we're dating???? also since when are shoes controversial???" and i woke up very confused lmao

sadly we aren't dating but i still love them :(

thank you for the ask!! 💕✨

cinnamon: probably Christmas! i love all of the cultural / secular celebration, and as my interest in theology grows my appreciation for Christmas does too!! also Christmas trees Pretty....

rosemary: oh gosh...i don't know... we'll say that i have a very consistent sense of style!! im dapper and no one can deny that

tysm for the ask!! 💕💕

king-mars asked:



good scents ask game

  • sandalwood: do you prefer the woods or the beach?

  • lavender: what always calms you down when you're stressed out?

  • peppermint: do you have a sweet tooth?

  • cinnamon: what's your favorite holiday (cultural, religious, or otherwise)?

  • linen: what's one quirk about you that no one else seems to get?

  • bonfire: are you a cuddly person?

  • balsam: what does a perfect day look like to you?

  • coconut: what's the most surprising thing that's happened to you this week?

  • vanilla: do you have any stuffed animals?

  • citrus: are there any accessories you wear every day?

  • rosemary: what's something good about you that even your worst enemy would have to agree with?

  • tea tree: do you often remember your dreams? if so, what did you dream about last night?

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being a dapper lesbian is honestly the best feeling !!

getting dressed in a button-up shirt, suspenders, slacks, a bow tie, perhaps a vest or a sweater? putting gel in your hair and putting on some nice scented lotion or colonge? so much fun! handsome! satisfying to the soul!

i've longed to wear menswear for my entire life but felt that i couldn't. reclaiming all that wasted energy on loving the way i dress and loving the fact that i'm gay and i get to love menswear and love women better than men ever could? honestly so incredibly freeing & just downright joyful ♥

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hey friendly reminder to women/girls who may look @ models and the conventional model of an attractive female-bodied person ..... ur stomach cannot be flat, it should not be flat, a flat stomach is Bad and Incorrect


your ROUND stomach is where your body puts the SQUISHY ORGAN THINGS

pls do not ever be ashamed / embarassed abt your tummy and pls do not ever wish it was flat.....u are perfect just the way u are ok ♥

(also u are full of .... squish things and tubes ... u need Space for them!!!!)

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message to wlw / nblw [esp. questioning]:

hey!! if you aren't often attracted to traditionally feminine women / the typical heteropatriarchal model of a woman, that is okay. if you find yourself most attracted to gnc / butch / masculine-of-center / etc. women/nbs, that does not mean you're "straight in denial" or "lying" or "faking" or "secretly into men" or anything.

it just means that you are often attracted to a specific kind of person and that is okay. ♥

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small jelly man

hey aros, this is your friendly reminder that you're incredibly strong, brave, and valid

(also that shirt looks amazing on you)

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ido believb it is onlye righte that i am allowede the luxury dirte

i deserve it becausse ime beautyfull

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