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small nasty things people do to lesbians that you need to realize aren't ok

  • suggest there is some hypothetical man u could love
  • lavish you with praise upon the slightest feminization of ur presentation
  • make comments about your clothes or style like "girls shouldn't wear neckties tho right" or "idk i think it just looks weird" 
  • get offended when you talk about how men make you uncomfortable, how you don't like them, etc. 
  • get offended when you make jokes like "every man owes me $200"
  • say things like "you don't own that word!" w/r/t the word queer
  • act like they have the right to police when and where you call out homophobic remarks
  • saying they're a lesbian when they're not, making a mockery of acual lesbians' oppression
  • take the words butch & femme and try to apply them to straight people
  • suggest that there's something ugly or scary about lesbians
  • suggest that lesbians are gay bc they can't attract men
  • oversexualize or undersexualize lesbian love: reducing us to depraved sex maniacs or acting as if we are puppylike delicate things who never experience desire

there's more but the point here is that lesbians r uniquely mistreated in a lot of big ways and in a lot of small ones, some of which r listed here. im proud to be a lesbian and to my fellow lesbians: i love you. we deserve so much better. and if we don't get it naturally we will take it by force. we are gay and we are magnificent, and i wouldnt have it any other way.

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