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akumaspiders asked:

Balsam and coconut?

coconut: someone kissed me + asked me out!!! a WONDERFUL surprise but a very big one!!! i'm still shook lmao...they're really cute tho :'3c


balsam: a walk on a fall day, a stop at a bookstore or a wander through the woods, then a nice meal and relaxation w cozy blankets as there's wind + rain outside...a girl to cuddle with is optional but preferred ♥♥♥♥


thank you for the ask!! 

witchesflower asked:

linen and bonfire :3c

linen: i have a lot of stuff like this that goes beyond just 'quirks' bc i have OCD...however!! one thing that people definitely dont seem to understand is that i CANNOT tolerate true crime documentaries. like, the sound of a program such as 20/20 or frontline or something??? if someone around me is watching it i HAVE to leave or listen to something else because it'll send me into a panic attack. i have no idea why but it's. it's definitely a thing oof


bonfire: YES!! incredibly so...i am constantly down to cuddle and actually i just cuddled w someone for like. over an hour. and im still wanting more ldjfgldfkjg 

im very cuddy and touch-starved :'3c


thank you so much for the ask! ♥♥

waving-willow asked:

peppermint and citrus for the ask meme!

peppermint: unfortunately yes!! im a big sucker for sweets....not all types tho. i don't like a lot of candy and etc. because my mouth is incredibly sensitive and i get canker sores easily. but like, baked goods and stuff? sign me UP


citrus: yes!! every day i wear a silver claddagh ring i got in galway and a watch based upon the biblical story of the tower of babel, from the unemployed philosopher's guild :3c

those are things i definitely wear every day, but generally i also wear a bow tie and a sweater or sweater vest, particularly now that it's fall 


tysm for the ask!!! ♥♥♥

corky asked:

lavender n teatree? :^)

lavender: soft blankets and something casual and familiar to watch! snl skits on youtube, the office, seinfeld, etc. - anything that feels comforting. that plus a few comfort items and i start to feel better. 💕

tea tree: i always remember my dreams! last night i dreamt that my current love interest thought we were in a relationship & was wondering if i would be comfortable with them changing their shoes in front of me. i was like... "???? we're dating???? also since when are shoes controversial???" and i woke up very confused lmao

sadly we aren't dating but i still love them :(


thank you for the ask!! 💕✨

tiddywife asked:

cinnamon and rosemary!

cinnamon: probably Christmas! i love all of the cultural / secular celebration, and as my interest in theology grows my appreciation for Christmas does too!! also Christmas trees Pretty....

rosemary: oh gosh...i don't know... we'll say that i have a very consistent sense of style!! im dapper and no one can deny that

tysm for the ask!! 💕💕

good scents ask game

  • sandalwood: do you prefer the woods or the beach?
  • lavender: what always calms you down when you're stressed out?
  • peppermint: do you have a sweet tooth?
  • cinnamon: what's your favorite holiday (cultural, religious, or otherwise)?
  • linen: what's one quirk about you that no one else seems to get?
  • bonfire: are you a cuddly person?
  • balsam: what does a perfect day look like to you?
  • coconut: what's the most surprising thing that's happened to you this week?
  • vanilla: do you have any stuffed animals?
  • citrus: are there any accessories you wear every day?
  • rosemary: what's something good about you that even your worst enemy would have to agree with?
  • tea tree: do you often remember your dreams? if so, what did you dream about last night?

herobrined asked:

make sure to get ur Nutrience

hi there i appreciate u a lot even tho this is rly late i hope ur doing well u lovely

peachy-queer asked:

lamp and unicorn (from the ask meme)

lamp: aghjdlghfhf; 

so i fancied myself to be quite the writer when i was a little kid, so i have a ton of godawful half-written stories that No One Will Ever See

highlights include an epic from multiple POVs, starring a shelter dog and some sort of russian agent (?) plus others; a many, many page warrior cat fanfiction with absolutely No point or plot; a story about cosmetic companies taking over the world; etc..... soft yikes


unicorn: mm,,,i have a really terrible memory so i remember very little of my childhood ,, and most of what i remember liking i still like! (reading, dogs, nature, etc.) 

however, i loved God as a little kid, and i still remember my long, gratitude-enfused prayers, without doubt or fear 

i'd like that kind of faith back c':


thank you so much for the ask! ♥♥

monsterofwisewomen asked:

any of the wlw ask numbers that you’ve not answered yet? 💖😚

i'll answer #1! :0

honestly, it took me ,,, a really long time

for many years i tried to force crushes on boys; for some more years i knew something was off but was not sure what it was; and for some years i flirted (no pun intended) with the concept of being gay or something other than cishet (shoutout to me thinking i was trans, then ace,,,), until finally, about a year or two ago, i found cameron esposito's twitter through joseph fink of wtnv's twitter. and from there it was all overi found autostraddle, i agonizingly googled "am i gay" quizzes and "how to tell if you're gay" and "how do you know if you're a lesbian", i spent days just mustering the courage to open the incognito tab and type it in,,,,but things built on themselves and ive come out to select family members, i cut my hair short as i wanted it to be, i started dressing dapper, i started talking about being gay online & irl, and it's amazing and im so thankful

(also i want a gf)


ty for the ask ♥♥

monsterofwisewomen asked:

serendipity and hiraeth ?? 😗

already answered serendipity but!

hiraeth: home is extremely important to me; i would likely be in an extremely fragile mental state if i did not have as good of a home as i do, and im very grateful for that

to me, home is a place of utmost comfort, safety, and peace. nothing more and nothing less. wherever you can be that brings you the pinnacle of tranquility, of comfort, and of security: that is home, and maybe it's the ocd talking, but imo it's like ,,, one of most important things in the world to seek out

ty very much for the ask ♥♥

nightinga1e asked:

easeful and iridescent?

easeful: YES a question about SOCKS i big appreciate this

ok so im a HUGE sock fan, i love socks, theyre so underappreciated and so wonderful 

i wear high, thin, soft socks with very aggressive colors & patterns

usually they go until just shy of my knee, so not quite knee socks but still very high

(really low socks? like the ones that just barely cover ur heel and don't even go on your ankle? i would legitimately rather die than wear those)

but the ones i wear are very high, thin so they're not too hot & i can wear them in all four seasons

and the best part is they've got patterns & colors!! a lot of them are plaid / argyle but some of them have patterns such as dogs, cats, otters, etc. ♥♥♥

and of course they're all v brightly colored. i like to match them to my bow ties where possible, or sometimes i'll purposely wear a pair that are Very contrasting 


iridescent: my favorite color is blue! i'm not quite sure why, but it makes me feel at peace. :)


thank you so much for the ask ♥

coffee asked:

propensity and serendipity!

i already answered propensity but!

serendipity: in a perfect world, i'd move to ireland and have a sheep farming operation w/ sheepdogs & sheep & all the rest, plus a wife to share it with 

or, close second, live anywhere in ireland doing anything, because i love that country with my whole heart

the reality, though - what i really, really hope happens, and what i pray is the most likely thing too - is that i'll find a good job, buy or rent a nice if modest home in a semi-rural area, with a girlfriend or wife, plus at least one cat and one dog. ideally also i'd like to stay close to my family & perhaps find my way to God, as i'm currently a spiritual seeker :'0


thank you very much for the ask! ♥

appleinducedsleep asked:

Mellifluous & Propensity

mellifluous: to be fair i just heard this song today but it really resonates with me!

it just,,god,,,it just really Hits me, you know? particularly the line "i want to be next up forever / so the best is always yet to come" i can't quite explain it but i heard that and i was like "yeah, yeah that's me"

also it's a great song, a great album, and a great band, check it out


propensity: aLRIGHT so i really like little kids but they don't like me At All and idk why

but anyways, i always talk to them with such affection and ill say things like "why hello there! how are you doing, little kitten? <3" and etc. 

everyone around me, though, likes to make fun of me for this, though in an affectionate way; they find it quite endearing

i personally think im just ,,, talking to the kids ,,, like they're people ,,, but i get made fun of so :shrug:

oh well c';


ty for the ask!! ♥♥♥♥

greatkingrat asked:

poggers and murdoc!

poggers > oh, i went to a wedding recently! sadly it was a cishet wedding, but i like the bride a lot and the groom is rly nice. but i'm super soft for weddings .... i love them so much

i wish there was a way to be a wedding crasher w/o actually uhh, crashing the weddings :')


murdoc > oh, dude,,,literally nothing

i am the most boring, law-abiding, and clean-cut person u can imagine 

i suppose, to answer the Q,,,,,when i was a lil kid i used to punch and/or slap and/or aggressively chase little boys who annoyed me 

which in retrospect seems uh really Gay of me but w/e

if that was scaled up to be Adult sized that's pretty illegal,,,so i guess that?? 

idk dude im very law abiding...sorry omg


thank u very much for the ask though!! <33

waterfall sapphic asks!

gaywolf -
  1. when you did know you were a lesbian (or attracted to women)?
  2. have you come out to anyone? if so, how did it go?
  3. do you identify as butch or femme or neither? 
  4. who's your favorite sapphic music artist?
  5. do you have a "type" / a favorite few characteristics in a partner?
  6. are you single? 
  7. do you like the traditionally romantic, sappy stuff like love notes, hearts, flowers, etc.?
  8. what's your lesbian flag of choice (if applicable)?
  9. do you want to get married someday?
  10. what do you think is the gayest thing about you (aside from loving women)?
  11. how great are girls on a scale of 10 to 10?
  12. if you could live anywhere, where and why?
  13. what's one lesbian stereotype you fit?
  14. what's one lesbian stereotype you don't fit?
  15. what's your favorite thing about loving women?