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aside from the fact that waterfall has great staff and is just generally not terrible, i also like it because i love the fact that i can just be the fool i truly am without being attacked or accused of trying to be a funnyman

i can post both tomfoolery and genuine thoughts and y'all are so sweet about it 

not even to mention the fact that i feel like im actually part of a lovely community here ♥♥♥♥

my favorite thing ever is how queer ppl have reclaimed cowboys from the old white men and turned them into something awesome

yee to the hecking haw everybody: good work

how dare you assume i have a gender

my gender is gay

a highly specific but hopefully relatable feeling: when you've just done your shopping and you're fully stocked on the essentials and maybe none of your problems have gone away but it's like you have ammunition to fight them 

you have laundry detergent and fruit and dish soap and m&m's and a loaf of bread and you're just like ... yes....yes

no feeling gives me hope more than this

i am so smart

it's a shame i'm such an idiot :/

i literally have no idea why ppl try so hard to police / doubt trans ppl's identities  ? ? ?

as soon as someone informs me what their gender is i cannot see them as anything else 

like, trans guys? you have Just As Much masculine/male "energy" as cis men, i just like you Way More because you're not total cis nightmares 

ditto for trans girls.......

nb folks? y'all are so profoundly neither male nor female it baffles my mind to think of u as anything else 

if u dont know what ur gender is / you don't have one? WOW u are a genderless / gender-scrambling cryptid and i love you and also cannot see you in any other way

and, like ...... if ur gender identity changes? SURPRISE my brain automatically switches to seeing you in the new way/s !!!

and this isn't??? even a good trait of mine or anything im doing right??? it's just how u are that

you are......what you are......i just, i can't even make it work in my brain to see u as anything other than what u are, it's like trying to fold paper in half 7+ times