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being a dapper lesbian is honestly the best feeling !!

getting dressed in a button-up shirt, suspenders, slacks, a bow tie, perhaps a vest or a sweater? putting gel in your hair and putting on some nice scented lotion or colonge? so much fun! handsome! satisfying to the soul! 

i've longed to wear menswear for my entire life but felt that i couldn't. reclaiming all that wasted energy on loving the way i dress and loving the fact that i'm gay and i get to love menswear and love women better than men ever could? honestly so incredibly freeing & just downright joyful ♥

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hey friendly reminder to women/girls who may look @ models and the conventional model of an attractive female-bodied person ..... ur stomach cannot be flat, it should not be flat, a flat stomach is Bad and Incorrect


your ROUND stomach is where your body puts the SQUISHY ORGAN THINGS

pls do not ever be ashamed / embarassed abt your tummy and pls do not ever wish it was flat.....u are perfect just the way u are ok ♥

(also u are full of .... squish things and tubes ... u need Space for them!!!!)

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message to wlw / nblw [esp. questioning]: 

hey!! if you aren't often attracted to traditionally feminine women / the typical heteropatriarchal model of a woman, that is okay. if you find yourself most attracted to gnc / butch / masculine-of-center / etc. women/nbs, that does not mean you're "straight in denial" or "lying" or "faking" or "secretly into men" or anything

it just means that you are often attracted to a specific kind of person and that is okay. ♥