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who is she..............

me, topless, gnawing on an apple and a hunk of cheese at midnight and watching sketch comedy on youtube instead of sleeping:



what you i got it ...

no, seriously, i have it, please take it, no, no, please, seriously take it, i don't need it, i want you to have it, please take it, i'd do anything to make you happy, please -

i am back at *it lads.....


*it: being gay + stupid

why do i say i am a fool do often?

simple ........ i am the truthteller

my ultimate truth is...... Big Dumb

it might not actually be homophobic that i can't live off of cherries and mashed potatoes, but it definitely feels like it

how am i? tired, busy, and offensively homosexual

but that last is a given

hello from the other sideeeeeeeeee / 

i must have called a thousand tiiiiiiiiiiiiimes / 

so sorry if that bothered you, i don't ever want to be a burden, oh, God, sorry, sorry / 

like i don't mean to be an obligation or anything, i feel bad, i know you've got a lot going on right now /

sorry this is really long and rambling uh just call me back when you can okay? /

yikes sorry, sorry!! love you have a good one call me back sorry!!!

who is noah fence and why does he have so many hot takes

i am lord dumb of foolishness, warden of the idiots

certified home of sexual

how dare you assume i have a gender

my gender is gay


  • rides a bike, not a horse, but still calls it their steed 
  • business casual instead of old western clothes 
  • not racist and also not heterosexual B)
  • wears a very large cowboy hat with their suits
  • starts off every interaction with "howdy"
  • ends all conversations with "yee-haw"
  • pictures of the western US on their wall 
  • little tumbleweeds on their nightstand 
  • has a raggedy cowdog they rescused from a shelter
  • loves lizards
  • has a bleached cow skull on their wall 
  • respects native americans
  • deeply gay

i am a medicore paper crane and god is a perfectionist origami nerd

had a dental cleaning and ready to fight the sun: a sparky story

the expression "he's a good egg" is totally valid and legitimate, but has unfortunately been entirely ruined by social media and specifically by tumblr because, like ,,,, he's a good egg is the height of tumblr comedy

do i know what i'm doing? of course not 

will that stop me? what do you think?

i would marry a girl sight unseen if she told me she was a pianist or violinist

dapper, straight-edge, bring-me-home-to-meet-your-parents, jar-opening, flowers-bringing clean-cut babey B)

due to personal reasons, i am the equivalent of an overweight labrador retriever wearing sunglasses

ppl with overly sensitive mouths, make some noise !!

my tongue is covered in canker sores atm because i dared to have some chocolate and salad w italian dressing

i am so smart

it's a shame i'm such an idiot :/

hey nerds rb this and tell me where you'd fall on the ph scale if u were a substance

i am slightly alkaline, a bit over 7 but not quite 8

i am a very impressive individual, in that i manage to be B) and :'( simultaneously